Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Grassroots Shakespeare Company

Some friends of mine from "As You Like It" decided to put together a Shakespeare company this summer, in the spirit of "original practices," as it's known in contemporary Shakespeare lingo. That means:

- We don't have a director, we just have a troupe--it's pure democracy, or pure anarchy, depending on how you want to look at it. Casting was a wild experience, with fourteen actors trying to cast each other. We'll block ourselves in our own scenes, and create our characters without the help of a director.
- We don't have any designers. We come up with our own costumes and any props we may need--and, as in Shakespeare's time, it will wind up a hodgepodge of styles and time periods.
- We don't have a "concept"--the script is the concept.
- We don't have any lighting, except for the sun.
- Many of us will be playing more than one role.
- There will be lots of audience interaction.
- None of us has a full copy of the script. Instead we have "cue scripts"--our lines, and our cue lines. I know the play fairly well--it's one of my very favorite Shakespeare comedies, and one of my very favorite Shakespeare plays in general--but I'll really have to be on my toes to figure out where my entrances fit in.
- And we only get a week of rehearsal (which is probably a bit more than Shakespeare & Co. had, so we're sort of cheating).

Should be an adventure, to say the least! We'll be performing "Much Ado About Nothing" throughout Utah during the month of June, for anyone that cares to watch us (if that's you let us know, especially if you think there's a group--school, FHE, whatever--that would be interested)!

Monday, May 4, 2009

You Rustle Me

you rustle me as long grass,
stirring and scattering
me to grow
in places where I otherwise
would not.
I want to grow a garden for you,
to teach you the beauty of your
to put in colors and leaves and
petals and
the sunlight-directedness that from
you I have learned,
that perhaps,
when your roots are plucked
and your flowering withered,
you may look to me,
remember the springtime,
and together we might cycle.

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