Friday, March 20, 2009

"Tree little peak to"

This is "The Three Little Pigs," as told to my old computer's speech recognition program thing. It's awesome.

Was, time they were three little pieces they lived in a house with their mother coordinator Michael of the Dolby houses of their own sump own days when still does houses a first little peak built his house commerce from Strom Beach eye it was vastly do it in an a second little peak found a person stakes selling to his stakes and build a house audited by the third little came the was a smart little peak so he built his house outbreaks so it was very strong audited the battle fatigue and he said to Island peak and for lunch solve bloom down the first little peak discounts on extra and eight balloons he got so he went to second little peak discounts and blew the house native stakes and an allocate a team the then he went the third little peak discounts and tried to float down but the house was too strong and because it was made a break seafood while down so he was very mad up peak was very happy so the band will find out, house and when oxygen is laid down the month luckily third little peak and I how to believe boiling water hundreds of under the she and debate by pools, will not and third Little League was happy and that's CNN's story the end

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