Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jack, Flash Jumpin'

For our high school drama class we were supposed to make a short movie. My friends and I had delusions of grandeur, and then we realized we didn't actually have time to do any of the stuff we'd envisioned, so we met together the day before it was due and shot a bunch of stuff impromptu for some lame Making Of mockumentary about people shooting a western or something. It was real awful, and watching the abyssmal footage I had to edit that evening was depressing like the dickens. So, in a stroke of brilliance, I realized how to salvage this wretched project: make it a silent film; that way I could do whatever I wanted.


Steve and Teresa Gashler said...

Ha, good memories. Do you by chance have the film we made for drama council when I was president? I want to put that up on facebook.

Davey Morrison said...

I think I do someplace, I'll check my papa's computer and get back to you on that sometime.