Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Heart NY

The closet door mural I painted in my bedroom.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wedding Video

A movie I made for my bro and sis-in-law Matt and Amanda Morrison to show at their reception when they got married.

Jack, Flash Jumpin'

For our high school drama class we were supposed to make a short movie. My friends and I had delusions of grandeur, and then we realized we didn't actually have time to do any of the stuff we'd envisioned, so we met together the day before it was due and shot a bunch of stuff impromptu for some lame Making Of mockumentary about people shooting a western or something. It was real awful, and watching the abyssmal footage I had to edit that evening was depressing like the dickens. So, in a stroke of brilliance, I realized how to salvage this wretched project: make it a silent film; that way I could do whatever I wanted.


A cool assignment in my beginning production class, and totally unethical.

Accordion Boy

A short documentary I made for class, that played in BYU's 2007 Final Cut and the 2007 Sego film festival.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Like Urban Tumbleweed

Like urban tumbleweed the
plastic grocery bag blew across the empty
overcast park, green with the whispers of
we watched it approach, you
nestled into me, silent, from across the
grassy expanse and pavement, with the same
nervous smiling, quiet intrusion any other
stranger might have greeted us--
tipped its rustling head and averted its eyes,
leaving us to our leaves
and our close, closed eyelids.

Before dusk
the city silence
can only be cherished for its fleetingness--
we speak reverently, hushed, as though
any great noise might break this moment
like a cloud breaking through the
taught fragility which we breathe like sighs,
and rain with beautiful
With the first damp nose speck,
with drizzling inevitability
I find out your texture,
find myself entangled and enmeshed as
roots breaking through the surface;
And in this instant each chip and fragment
returns and
reassembles a
wholer man, a stronger man,
I feel I could hold you always under this
caressing each hour as a living thing,
a stray,
could smile and,
defy these lovely clouds with our
our inviting orphaned togetherness.

Trees and wind offer an alto prayer for my
ineloquent lips.
I can see only shapes of mountains through the
dirty unshowered haze,
but near me I can see you
and you are beautiful.

If Only

If only my spirit could flow
out in the ink of my pen,
as my closeness to you also
through my
quickening with each
quickened heartbeat
when I think of you,
smiling or sleeping,
then you might know and
read, and keep always
enfolded in your pocket,
how I love you.