Monday, April 28, 2008

First Resurrection

when only a sparrow
witnessed the cracking of an
anciently stony Law,
and granite spelled Death
as the grass
overtook its weeds;

as i plead on scratched knees
for briar healing,
for quickened skin,
for the seasonal thawing of my
amphibian blood,
and the red, vein-ridden
leaves residual
crumbled into the outstretched
of Earth,

two stars fell.

the implosion was such that
all inverted--
stray, floating dust
collided, and
the chaos of a new dimension
matter matter,
the most fanciful unicorn
no more false than a
pebble in a windstorm;
my habitual correction
fell away,
(my eyelids' scales)
and all appeared
as if i were walking on a ceiling,
stepping over the space
of a doorway;
and when i slept i dreamt of
nothing that

the First Resurrection,
a land where scars are

when Psalms were etched in my
where clumsy dialect
can only never hope to paraphrase
the freckles, the hairs, the burns
and leprosies
all as unconquerable maps laid out
by the One Cartographer,
diaries plain as triumphant;

all that matters,
neither created nor destroyed,
our love living as a fish,
breathing and feeding and splicing
through waves
or clouds;
and precious,
never unsuspended,
the heavenly host
and all universes in one,
a momentary and
unwritten oratorio
of creation's plan

i kiss Your feet.
Your broken,
lovely feet.

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