Monday, January 14, 2008

JC Penney

it is curious, the
shop clerk notes,
how the young child

longs so without a
motive to be orphaned,
how he ambles

with delicate gracelessness
and comically-proportioned
toddlings, too big

for his own legs
into the mystic blue
haven of a
clothing rack.

each carefully-priced and
cleverly-tailored velvety
concoction is

one more enchanted elm
demon, to be chopped
and sawed through, barely

emerging, the flashing
red battery power of

very nearly giving the slip
and signalling the
wayward prodigal to

that which he fears
most: the prison
he flees to

be issued an even
stricter sentence,
that worried care and

fleeting fury
(strangely comforting)
the incarceration of
a frantically relieved and
motherly embrace.

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