Monday, January 14, 2008

The Edge Of The Universe, Part 2 (Or: Sketches of Yuri Gargarin)

when one is amidst the quietly immobile chaos
of the stars, it is hard not to feel
as space extends into, i suppose, spacelessness,
an inverse motion plummets through the
increasing deepness of my bones,
and i become a mediator, spokesperson,
unspeaking median between the smallest of perhaps
multiple universes and the widest, or broadest
unseen microcosmal wonders.
floating like a sea turtle in this easy, heartfelt
growing, my ungodly mind cannot help but consider
some rubbery limit, find out a place
wherein place ends, when widening becomes
contracting--or bursting--and order is
made violence.
but with each new stretching of thought
this strain loses all tautness, and
the newly-encompassed terrain encloses,
gently, with a shaking head and loving,
downturned eyes,
the fencings of my mortal doubts.

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