Sunday, January 13, 2008

Declaration of Principles

This blog is hereby dedicated to the creative shenanigans of Davey Morrison. He will take this e-opportunity to post on an ideally weekly, but probably relatively sporadic basis movies, music, writings, art, or whatever else he may have created in the meantime (or old stuff he's uploaded) so that all you Davey-devotees out there can have new ammunition for your many marvellings.

Everything posted on this blog is copyrighted by Davey Morrison unless otherwise noted, so don't go filchin'.


John D. Moore said...

Wow. You've had your blog for about a month and have posted nearly as many entries as I have on mine in three years, and far more of substance. Color me impressed. I look forward to catching up with what you've published here, though I anticipate that will take a little while.

Mainly, I wanted to give you props for opening your blog with a Citizen Kane reference, actually.

Davey Morrison said...

Well, this is predominantly stuff I've done in the past several years I'm putting up, so don't be too terribly impressed. Feel free, however, to enjoy the Citizen Kane reference.